SSR Co. has the largest selection of camouflage hydro dip patterns available in the USA! We have access to hundreds of patterns including the most popular from distributors like TWN Industries and Liquid Image if we can’t get it then it doesn’t exist!

Designer hydrographic patterns are great for someone who wants to represent their own style with a little more flair. We’ll have your rifle standing out from the crowd!

Custom hydro dipped firearms are for the professional or competitive shooter that wants to make a bigger, bolder statement about who they are and who they represent in sanctioned shooting matches and events. We will work with you and your team to create a "one-off" look that will guarantee to impress on the firing line!

It's our process that sets us apart from the rest! We use only firearm specific coatings and application standards with our hydro dipping services and this is why we can assure proper fitment and protection of your firearm's surfaces with a look and feel you would expect from a properly applied gun coating!



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