Cocky Spike Bull Elk Call

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The cocky spike is the easiest most effective
bull elk call you will ever use!
if you can blow a whistle you can call in monster bull elk!
how it works:
the cocky spike is a sound resonator that mimics the vocal calls of a immature bull elk or "satellite" bull, why would you want to sound like a small bull elk?
it's well know among experienced hunters that big mature bull elk seek out the smaller bulls first and very aggressively because they tend to congregate with cow elk and are easly chased off with little resistance or chance of injury, so they come in hot and fast!
combine the cocky spike with your favorite cow call for an incredibly effective bull elk calling system!
the cocky spike is small and ultra light weight in comparison to any other linear bull elk call on the market! it's design with a 38" fully adjustable para cord lanyard with built in safety break away clasp and detachable buckle for hand held use makes it the perfect call for long treks and hike in hunts where every ounce of weight counts. no more lugging around a big ol' bugle thats cumbersome and gets hung up or make noise while stocking. the cocky spike can achieve the same audible disable level as many full size bugles without the need for mouth resonator. it's whistle like design allows for hands free operation and can even be used at full draw or rifle aim as a "stopper" call when that trophy bull crosses that sweet spot shooting lane!


Size: 11" x 5/16" Diameter Call Body.

Para Cord: 38" lanyard loop.

1- break away safety clasp.

1- Adjustable loop cinch.

1- 1/4" buckle clasp.

Color- Multi Camouflage Green

WARNING: Do NOT use this product for food or beverage consumption.


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